State Price Transparency Reporting

ClassOne Insight is the leading provider of State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR) solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We combine domain expertise, technology, and services to enable compliance with diverse and evolving SPTR requirements.

  • Automated SPTR monitoring, analysis, reporting service
    • Comprehensive processing platform, includes all SPTR rules
    • Monitoring and analysis of pricing data
    • Generation of reports in state-mandated formats
    • Analysis of effects of potential price changes
    • Audits of past or delinquent SPTR submissions
  • Consulting on SPTR requirements and compliance
    • All sizes and types of pharma manufacturers
    • All types of products and all stages of product lifecycle
    • Compliance policies for functional operations
    • Report content and submission
  • Library of SPTR legislation and supporting documentation
    • All state legislation, ongoing updates for additions or changes
    • Proprietary summaries and interpretations
    • Notifications and explanations sent to subscribers

ClassOne has been providing solutions for pharma manufacturer commercial operations, trade, contracts, audit, and compliance for over 10 years. We ensure customer success by using enterprise-grade infrastructure and processes, and providing comprehensive support.