State Price Transparency Reporting

ClassOne provides the most comprehensive solutions for State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR) for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • SPTR Processing for monitoring, analysis, reporting
    • Enterprise-grade platform for secure data management
    • Automated analysis and execution of all state requirements
    • Generation of reports in state-mandated formats
    • Modeling of potential price changes for impact on reporting
  • SPTR Submissions for submitting reports to states
    • Independent or assisted submissions using state protocols
    • Archiving of all reports, portal entries, state communications
    • Interactions with state offices and administrators
  • SPTR Audit for retroactive processing, analysis, reporting
    • Full SPTR Processing capability applied retroactively
    • Verification of earlier reporting or execution of delinquent reporting
  • SPTR Library for legislation and supporting documentation
    • All state legislation, guides, supplementary materials
    • Proprietary summaries and interpretations
  • SPTR Compliance for policy and process development
    • Roles, responsibilities, operations, interpretations, assumptions
    • Independent or integrated with existing policies and processes
  • SPTR Consulting for expertise on all aspects of the domain
    • Requirements, interpretations, analysis, reporting, submissions
    • Business processes and supporting operations

ClassOne provides solutions to over 100 pharma manufacturers. We ensure customer success by using enterprise-grade infrastructure, technology, and processes, and providing comprehensive support.