Industry Solutions

ClassOne Insight delivers innovative intelligence to support your most important business challenges and opportunities. Whether focusing on your current business or looking toward the future, ClassOne can help you to understand and optimize revenues, costs, and operations by enabling you to make more well-informed decisions. ClassOne's commitments are very clear: We will help you to be more insightful and more efficient in managing your business, and we will help you to achieve results that are tangible and measurable, in terms of financial impact or other metrics. That is how we define success with every customer.

ClassOne's industry-specific solutions support the evolving business landscape and your dynamic needs by providing targeted and agile capabilities through our InfoStream™ Service. Focusing on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, ClassOne brings extensive domain knowledge to the internal structure of the InfoStream models and analytics, the custom reports that we build for each customer, and the domain expertise that we share to enhance your ongoing business analysis. Underlying all of those capabilities are the innovative and proprietary technology components of the InfoStream Service that enable business intelligence to be delivered in a way that is superior to conventional approaches.

ClassOne can usually start delivering results in as little as a few weeks and uses a highly-iterative process for configuring and tuning the InfoStream models, analytics, and reports. The resulting analyses and reports can be accessed through common tools such as Microsoft Excel®, so no new software is required. The investment in time and money is much smaller than for other applications or services, and the value is exceptional – as measured by concrete financial impact or other operational benefits.