ClassOne works with hospitals and hospital groups as well as general and disease-specific physician practices and clinics of all sizes to help them improve service, control costs and track patient care using measured patient outcomes analysis. This analysis is an extension of patient care and management and is used by physicians, patient care coordinators, hospital/practice leadership and finance to better understand the dynamics of what works, what doesn't, what the costs are for services provided and who best utilizes care options to maximize patient health in the most cost efficient manner.

Changes in healthcare delivery, healthcare management, healthcare reimbursement and healthcare policy are driving practices to understand and document the care they provide. Whether documenting care outcomes for ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations), managing costs of treatments or comparing treatment options to costs, it is evident that healthcare is changing regardless of the regulations imposed. ClassOne is at the forefront of helping organizations thrive in this new environment.

ClassOne's approach is based on its ability to work with customers to understand their most important business challenges and opportunities, and to provide sophisticated but easy-to-use reporting and analysis capabilities via its InfoStream Service. Among the most unique of ClassOne's capabilities is acquiring and combining disparate data from multiple sources for integrated analysis (e.g. financial data combined with patient data). The InfoStream capabilities are based on proprietary technologies for data management, modeling and analysis, and information delivery, and they provide a superior combination of functionality, usability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, compared to other tools or services. All this without the need to purchase or install any software or commit to long-term contracts.

ClassOne delivers without the large cost of in-house projects or expensive consulting organizations. Our focus is providing useable information on:

  • Measured Patient Outcomes
    • Track the success of your treatment practices by patient, practice, physician, and many other factors.
  • Patient Adherence
    • Track how well patients adhere to treatment plans and meds based on results of labs, follow-ups and office visits. Viewing the data over time and not on a visit-by-visit basis helps the practitioner see changes in patient adherence and health.
  • Treatment Costs
    • Do some patients cost more to treat? Do some physicians' treatments cost more but provide equal or poorer outcomes? Understanding what works and what doesn't is critical to improving healthcare and reducing healthcare costs.
  • Data Integration
    • Measuring outcomes is only the first step. Monitoring on an ongoing basis to insure adherence is critical. Combining the measuring of patient outcomes to financial costs is the next step. Understanding what care costs and understanding which practitioners are the most efficient in providing quality care enables hospitals to extend that success to help all practitioners improve care and reduce costs.
  • Integrating Other Data
    • More than ever, understanding how patient care you provide compares to other provides is important. ClassOne can help you integrate data from the CDC, Regional Alliances and EMR data.

ClassOne can usually start delivering results in as little as a few weeks and uses a highly-iterative process for configuring and tuning the InfoStream models, analytics, and reports. The resulting analyses and reports can be accessed through common tools such as Microsoft Excel®, so no new software is required. The investment in time and money is much smaller than for other applications or services, and the value is exceptional – as measured by concrete financial impact or other operational benefits.